Monday, 24 February 2014

Wildlife and Nature Pictures-Spotted Thick-knee (Burhinus capensis)

Wildlife and Nature Pictures -The Spotted Thick-knee (Burhinus capensis)

Their are a couple of species of Thick-knees in South Africa, the Water Thick-knee (Burhinus vermiculatus) or this one below the Spotted Thick-knee (Burhinus capensis). As you can see from the photograph these birds are 'nocturnal' ('hunt by night' and have very large eyes) and the 'tibiotarsal joint' (knee) is swollen hence 'Thick-knee'. These birds are also know as the Spotted Dikkop or Cape Thick-knee.

Spotted Thick-knee (Burhinus capensis) stood up in green grass
Spotted Thick-knee (Burhinus capensis) - Rietvlei - South Africa

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